CSGO500 Review

Counter-Strike skin gambling is more popular than ever. This popularity has led to a huge number of operators popping up almost overnight. And while many of them are legitimate operators, there are a few that out to scam the unwitting gamer. In this review, we will take a closer look at CSGO 500 and give you the lowdown on everything you need to know when deciding if this is the operator for you.


Straight off the bat, CSGO 500 has a deservedly good reputation. Their +3000 players alone make them one of the biggest operators. Several well-known YouTubers have posted videos promoting the site and can often be seen playing on the site. But as with any CS skin gaming operator, we urge you to do your own research into the operator before placing your valuable skins in their possession.

Website Design

Without a doubt, CSGO 500 is the best-designed site we have reviewed thus far. The strong contrast between the red and the black works really well from a visual standpoint and adds immensely to the site's appeal.

With the clear and logical placement of tabs and features, CSGO500.com is extremely easy to use. Their chat feature offers players the option of English, Turkish and Russian chat, allowing for easier communication between players. It’s worth noting that players must be level 10 or higher to use this function. Overall, the site is easy to navigate, well designed and loads speedily.

Types of Bets

Unlike many of its competitors, CSGO 500 focuses exclusively on Roulette. But far from being a one trick pony, they have gotten quite creative with this game. Rather than the traditional 3 colours, CSGO 500 offers punters variants with 4 colors and x2, x3, x5 and x50 multipliers. They have chosen to specialize in 1 game and they do it well. In fact, they do it better than any of their competitors do.

Deposits & Withdrawals

The player can make deposits by providing their trade URL, The items are then converted into BUX, the site’s internal currency. Unfortunately, the operator ONLY accepts deposits of CSGO skins. To withdraw, players need to go to the Shop page and exchange you chosen skin for BUX. It’s THAT simple.

Customer Service

In general, the customer service is better than the industry standard. However, the only channel of communication is via email. This means that unlike their competitors, there is no live chat or social media options available. This is the one serious mark against this operator. They do however have an extensive FAQ section that can answer most day-to-day queries.


Overall, CSGO 500, while limited in the games on offer and skins that can be used, is one of the very best CS skin online gambling operators out there. We have no reservation in encouraging every punter to give this site a closer look at the very least.