CSGO Big Review

If you’ve been following our recent reviews of the most popular sites to gamble CS skins, you may have noticed one name missing – that of CSGO Big. Well, today it’s their turn to go under the microscope as we take a closer look at what they bring to CS skin gambling table.

Features / Design

While there are so many actions, choices and features that it would be easy for even the most seasoned punter to get confused, the large menu bar simplify things significantly. As soon as you enter the site you will notice a bar that highlights how many players and staff members are currently online, your notifications, color palette choice and the option to link and share to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Types of Bets

Thankfully the site offers punters an interesting and varied selection of games. Roulette is the staple of all CS skin sites. However, they have decided to mix things up a bit here with the colors being replaced by a rifle, pistol or knife. Other than that, this is your typical by-the-numbers roulette game.

With Jackpot, there are 5 bet sizes ranging 15c all the way to $3. And then there is the Limitless option. Which has a limit. Go figure. Players going with this option can stake anywhere between $1 to $9000. Yes, you did just read that.

Rock, Paper, Scissors is based on the tried and trusted dispute resolving game we all know and love. Or hate. Punters try and pick which of the 3 options will come up next. There really isn’t much more to this game than that.

Next up is Mystery Boxes. Players are presented with a number of boxes, with each having a hidden value anywhere between $1-$100. There are 2 different types of boxes to choose from – plain boxes and those marked BIG. The BIG boxes offer higher rewards but also come with higher risks while plain boxes will at least have a minimum of $1, so you’ll never end up winning a pointless skin of no value.

The final game on offer is Raffle. You can’t actively choose to play this game. Rather, during the other games you will earn tickets as a sort of free bonus. These tickets are then entered into a draw where you stand to win a % of the current jackpot. The jackpots can be skins valued anywhere between $50-$100. So it definitely is worth paying attention to.


As with most sites of this nature, before you can fund your account and get playing, you first have to sign up to Steam. Once you do, you then have the choice of either depositing your skins into the online inventory or directly into their jackpot games. But before you rush off, remember to use the tab marked DEPOSIT TO INVENTORY. Failure to do so will have you losing all of your skins before you even start!

When it comes to withdrawing skins, the process is thankfully quite simple. Simply open your inventory in the top right corner and select the skins you want to cash out. The other option is to convert your skins into BIGTokens, the site’s online currency. These tokens can then be spent in the marketplace where you are free to choose any skins that you like. And can afford.


All in all, CSGOBig is a solid option when it comes to CS skin betting. They have a smooth website, a nice variety of games of the offer and a nice look and feel to the whole package. While not one of the premier operators, this is a site that should be on your radar and would make a nice backup site if for any reason you’d rather not go to your preferred choice or you just feel like a bit of change.