CS:GO Bounty

CS:GO Bounty Review

Counter Strike skins have become nothing short of a modern phenomenon. What started out as a way to personalize your characters and their weapons is now a legitimate form of online currency. And with the rise of CS skins has come the rise of CS skin gambling. Which has inevitably led to the rise of CS skin gambling and its online operators? CS:GO Bounty is one of the better-known operators and in this review, we will take a closer look at them and the services they offer.


CGO:Bounty is one of the more popular CS skin gambling operators out there and has even taken the innovative step of sponsoring popular YouTube content providers like Bean and TCK. To date, there has been no real evidence or allegations of wrongdoings. Which is rare in an industry filled with scammers and people looking to make quick, dodgy money. In fact, the site is very strict against fraud of all kinds and even makes use of Scamadviser to ensure that everything is above board.

Website Design

CSGObounty.com is a well-designed site that is very clean and easy to use. The purple and black color theme helps identify them and has become something of a visual trademark for them. The menu bar running across the top of the screen houses the Menu Bar. This bar gives players quick access to important features such as:  

  • Rewards
  • Free coins
  • Transactions
  • Support
  • Fairness
  • Terms of Service
  • FAQ and
  • Social media

Overall, the site is as easy to use as it is on the eye and is one of the better sites out there.

Types of Bets

CS:GO Bounty offers punters 6 different games.

Crash and Roulette – are the standard games that all CS skin punters are familiar with by now.

Jackpot – unlike most other CS gambling sites, on CS:GO Bounty you bet credits and not skins in their jackpot game.\

Sweeper – this game is based on a mind field, similar to old-school PC game on Mine Sweeper. The player bets the amount desired and then try to guess how many of the tiles are mines. The aim is to land on the tiles that do not mine.

Dice – this game is identical to any other rolling game that you’d find on your average online casino.

Raffle – players buy tickets in the hopes of winning a skin. The operator often awards players free tickets.


As with any casino, the house will have the advantage. For instance - Dice only offers a 5% chance to win a multiplier. However, compared to other operators, the odds are fair and there is the potential for players to score big. And that after all, is the main attraction of any form of gambling


Overall, CS:GO Bounty is a well organized site. The operator is trustworthy and offers players fairly good features. The added value of frequent freebie codes and giveaways ensure that CSGObounty.com should be bookmarked by every Counter-Strike Skin punter.