CS:GO Empire

CS:GO Empire Review

Counter-Strike has become nothing short of a phenomenon. What began life as an AAA video game has become a multimillion-dollar industry. Today the cosmetic skins from the game have become a valuable commodity with countless ‘skin markets’ popping up overnight on the internet. CS skins are today’s hottest commodity, with punters buying, selling and trading them like currency and used to gamble on CS:GO skin roulette sites. Today we will be taking a closer look at one of the more popular sites out there – CSGOempire.com


Before you rush and turn your valuable skins into cold hard cash, you need to know if you can trust the operator. Luckily, CS:GO Empire is one of the more trustworthy Counter-Strike casinos out there. Punters have consistently received payout without any delay or hassle. CS:GO Empire runs very professionally and has not been legitimately accused of any wrongdoing.

Website Design

CSGOempire.com is one of the more simple to use sites out there. The design is clean and easy on the eye, allowing the came to dominate visually. The tabs to withdraw and deposit are clearly marked, saving the punter from having to search for even the most basic function as they do on the sites of many competitors.

Types of Bets

This operator does one thing. And they do it well. CS:GO Empire only offer one game - CS:GO roulette. In their novel take on the classic game, there are 15 coins. 7 are Terrorists (T), 7 are Counter-Terrorists (CT) and 1 is Empire (E).

Landing on a T or CT doubles your stake while landing on the E multiplies your stake x14. The game is highly addicting with amusing spin animations. By keeping it simple, CS:GO Empire have staked their claim as the CS skin roulette specialists.

Depositing & Withdrawing

The operator allows you to deposit and withdraw skins, much like the way a traditional online casino does with the money. The credits you are awarded are based on the value of your skins and you can withdraw based on how many credits you have to your name.

To date no players have experienced any delay when it comes to deposits or withdrawals and CS:GO Empire has developed a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. You will never have sleepless nights wondering if your skins are safe. They have an impressive withdrawal inventory and offer punters good prices for their skins. It’s worth noting that you have to wager 75% of your deposit before you are allowed to make any withdrawals.


As with any form of online gaming, good customer support is essential. And CS:GO Empire doesn’t let you down in this regard. All queries are handled quickly, efficiently and professionally. The live chat feature is a great way to solve smaller problems while email is suggested for the more complicated issues that punters may face and all emails receive a response within 24 hours. Just like in every other aspect we’ve discussed so far, CSGOEmpire.com will not let you down.


CS:GO Empire have elected to things simply and to do them well. This philosophy has served them well. It is a trustworthy and reliable operator with a smooth and easy to use website, offering players a basic yet interesting and addictive game with fair payouts. We strongly recommend CS:GO Empire to all players, especially those looking to stick to the original roulette game.