CS:GO Roll

CS:GO Roll Review

When there are entire YouTube channels dedicated to something, you know it’s popular. In fact, Counter-Strike skin gambling is the biggest form of online gambling these days. It has become so popular that there are YouTubers out there who are making a living by streaming their time playing and unboxing skin cases. So it follows that there must be a plethora of CS skin operators online, all trying to get their piece of the digital pie. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at one of the more well-known operators - CS:GO Roll.


As with anything that has become popular, you have your genuine names, trying to provide the best service possible and you have the sharks, looking to take advantage of the unwary. We’re happy to say that CSGOroll.com is one of the former. And one of the very best and most reliable CS skin gambling sites you will ever come across. Why do we say this? Because until today, there have been zero legitimate claims against them. They have also built a reputation as reliable payers with punters often being paid out fully in seconds.

Website Design

Make it big and make it bold. This seems to be the philosophy behind the design of CSGOroll.com. The main focus are the 3 large buttons that house the different game modes on offer. Let’s just say that they are impossible to miss. Equally unmissable are the withdraw and deposit functions. The site offers players a number of visual themes for them to choose from and customize their playing experience. Overall, the site is striking, attractive, easy to use and logically designed. An eager punter couldn’t ask for more!

Types of Bets

With the preliminaries out of the way, it’s time to move on to the meat of the review – the games on offer. Let’s be clear – this is an online casino, and it offers online casino games while using CS skins as currency. Much like with the design, the offerings are straightforward but attractive and well set up.


If you are familiar with CS skin gambling then you know that Roulette is the most common game on offer at any site. In this adaption of the classic game, there are 15 numbers. 1 of these numbers is randomly selected via an animation. All in all, there are 7 red tiles, 7 black tiles, and 1 green tile. Landing on red or black gives you an x2 multiplier while the green equals x14 multiplier.


The next game is Crash. In this variation, an arrow, which symbolizes the multiplier, begins to take off, starting at 1 and potentially it could go on until infinity. Punters place their bet before the start of the round and can cash out at any time, walking away with their stake times the current multiplier. The catch is that the game could crash at any time and when it does, the player loses everything they have made up until that point.


Punters pick a number and stake a bet. They then pick over or under the previously mentioned number. The dice then rolls a number between 0.00 and 99.99. If the punter has guessed correctly, their bet is multiplied by how likely that number was to land. If you get it wrong you lose your bet. It’s that simple.

Deposits & Withdrawals

As with everything else to do with CS:GO Roll, depositing and withdrawing is a simple and painless process. This site does not deal in currency, only CS skins. The operator will send you an offer for the items you wish to deposit and will return your skins when you wish to withdraw. Their skin library is hugely impressive with punters finding every skin they could possibly want in a single place.

Customer Service

CS:GO Roll has a good a reputation. And this is maintained by a very efficient and helpful customer support service. Emails receive a response within 48 hours. For more immediate results, players are encouraged to Tweet or DM them via their Twitter account. For smaller and issues that are more readily solved, there is a chat function where players can engage with the admin in real time.


CS:GO Roll is without a doubt, one the better, more reliable CS skin gambling operators. While their offerings are quite simple, they are good. And what more could a punter ask for after all?