Green Hunt Review

Another day, another new Counter-Strike skin gambling operator. With the massive boom in the CS skin sector comes the shady operators or those looking to make a quick buck offering a subpar service. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at GreenHunt to see where they fit in the CS skin world.


The first clue you find when trying to establish the legitimacy of is the appearance of several high profiles and well-respected YouTubers chatting IN THE CHATBOX. They use the site lends the operator their hard earned respect. And that counts for a lot in the world of CS skin gaming. All across the internet, you will find countless positive reviews, which far out weight the ignorant and uninformed “not legit” comments that don’t even offer a scrap of evidence to back up their upper case-typed “review”. In terms they would understand, is HELLA LEGIT.

Website Design

There are 2 words that best describe the interface, design, layout and navigation of this website – clean and elegant. The interface is extremely smooth. Navigation is a cinch, with the most important features running across the top of the page in a way that is practically impossible to miss while the previously mentioned chatbox lives on the left. Navigation between pages is seamless and we encountered no bugs or faults in our time on the site. Overall, is a beautifully simple site that runs smoothly and is easy to use.

Types of Bets

Unlike most of their rivals, GreenHunt only offers 1 game – roulette. This is the simplest and most common way to bet using CS skins. Land on black or red doubles your stake while landing on the single green slot earns a x14 multiplier. The game itself if beautifully designed and a snap to play. It refreshes quite quickly between games. So while they may only offer one game, it is one very good game. Perhaps some of their competitors could learn a lesson here.

Deposits & Withdrawals

GreenHunt follows the industry standard when it comes to deposits. After linking your Steam account to the site, the site will populate your Steam inventory. Each skin will have a credit amount when you deposit it. Once you select your deposited skin, their system will send you a request and the item you wish to trade, automatically crediting your account.

When it comes to withdrawals, you need to ensure you have sufficient money in your online account before you browse their market and find the skin you want to cash out. However, before you can cash out you must have made a deposit of at least $2/2000 credits. Not much of a catch but worth bearing in mind.

Customer Service

GreenHunt offers their punters and outstanding level of customer service. Most queries can be handled quickly and professionally via their chatbox. Their help page is quite extensive and explains things thoroughly. For the more complicated issues that may arise, players will find a Ticket Box in the bottom right of the screen. Simply click on it, enter your problem and one of their agents will be in contact with you in a few moments. You could also contact them via their active Facebook and Twitter accounts.


We definitely recommend using Their skin library, while pricy, is extensive. The website is well designed and professionally run. This is CS skin gambling site to add to your Favorite bar!