Skin Joker

SkinJoker Review

SkinJoker Review

Type in “CS skins” into your search bar and in a fraction of a second, you will have millions of results. And you’ll find the same when you’re searching for a site where you can gamble using Counter-Strike skins. Unfortunately, a lot of the operators that pepper your results are not to be trusted. In this review, we will take a closer look and see where exactly they fit in the CS skin landscape.


A quick Google search throws up several results that seem to indicate that the operator has something of a bad reputation over the years due to delayed trades and not receiving trades until customer service was got involved. They do have a sense of legitimacy thanks to being a Kinguin Partner and there haven't been any reports of wrongdoing in the recent past. We suggest you give this site a go but to keep your eyes open.

Website Design

SkinJoker takes the design of their website seriously. Which is why it works well and is among the fastest out there. While the site might seem a bit slim, they offer the basics and everything works. The function takes precedence form with this site. This evident by the fact that the graphics on the page are small png files rather than massive hi-res graphics, ensuring the page load faster. The logical and prominent design and layout of the various features ensure that you will never have to search for what you are looking for as they are always where you would expect them to be. It’s this attention to detail that makes a pleasure to use.

Types of Bets

SkinJoker offers punters 3 different types of games: Jackpot, Coin Flip, and Binary. The jackpot is the site’s most popular game and will be familiar to players who have used just about any other online gambling site. However, this version is slightly different with players betting stickers, skins or other in-game items instead of coins/cash.

Coin Flip is another common game that can be played on the site. But once again, SkinJoker has added a bit of a twist with players betting with either coins from promo codes or skins. The final game, Binary, is more unique with it being similar to a stock exchange graph. Players try to guess whether the graph goes up or down after a 30 second round. Players can use the same stakes that they use when playing Coin Flip.

Deposits & Withdrawals

SkinJoker uses the same methods to deposit and withdraw as every other gambling platform. Their bot will send you a request once you have decided which skins you want to bet with. Your items will be stored in the games bet lobby. If you win, your winnings are sent to you via a trade request.

Customer Service

Punters have 2 methods of contacting the support team available to them. The live chat option allows players to interact with a rep in real time. Unfortunately, this is not a 24-hour service. Outside of the live chat times, the support team can be contacted via email. Obviously, this option will take a bit longer as their response time is between 24-48 hours. SkinJoker is can also be contacted through their active Twitter and Facebook accounts.


SkinJoker is best used as a secondary site where you use your spare items. However, if you are going for a big win or are putting up your rare and valuable items, you’re better off trying another operator. Their peak of around 110 is pretty low compared to its rivals. This might be due to the past issues we mentioned earlier, leading some players to remain skeptical when it comes to using