SkinUP Review

Are you wary when it comes to finding new sites where you can gamble your hard earned CS GO skins? Well you have every right to be! There are a LOT of dodgy operators out there who are only out to take whatever they can get from the unwary. But don’t be discouraged – there are trustworthy operators out there. Operators who are not only on the level but offer punters a great, innovative and fun service. Today we will be taking a closer at to see whether they are a legit operator and where they stand in comparison to the industry leaders.


While every gambling game on the face of the planet favors the house over the punter, there are some operators who unfairly stack the cards against the player. Thankfully SkinUP are not among these online sharks. With more than 500 players online at any one time, this is a popular site. And a site’s popularity a fair indicator of just how good and legit the operator actually is. After all, nobody would continue to play on a site that has stiffed them.

Website Design

It’s clear that a lot of time and effort has gone into the design and layout of Once the fast-loading home page opens, you are presented with a slick and well-designed interface. The black and green color scheme is both eye-catching and easy on the eye. The layout is super simple and bold with a well structured menu on the left listing the various games that can be played.

On the mobile side of things, the lack of an app is definitely counting against them. Especially when many of their competitors have attractive and all-around awesome apps. That being said, the page is mobile-friendly and works just as well and fast as the desktop version.

Types of Bets

Unlike many of its competitors, does not cover e-sports betting and instead focuses on online casino type games. The site offers punters 3 different types of games – Up, Roulette and Mines.

Up is virtually identical to the game that can be found on where you bet skins as the multiplier goes up. Players can choose to cash out at any time and win the multiplier they stopped on. Keep going to long and the game will crash, and you lose everything you have staked. The key to this game is not getting too greedy.

Roulette uses the traditional red, black and green being assigned to counter terrorists, terrorists, and the bonus logo. This game, just like Mines, works in exactly the same way it would on any other site.


A player can use their points immediately after making a deposit. It’s worth noting that CS skins are the only deposit option. Once deposited, skins are converted into coins, the site’s chosen currency. 1000 skins are valued at $1 skin via the market on Steam.

Customer Service

Customer service is not this site’s strong point. In fact, it’s downright poor. Punters can only make use of the chat function once they bet more than $25 skins. We understand that this does reduce the amount of bot spam but it also means the majority of punters cannot chat. In this day and age, this practice has become almost unacceptable. In addition to this, it is hard to report problems of any kind. With a bit of perseverance, you will learn that you need to click on the INFO icon to actually get to the support page. Needless to say, this is highly unintuitive. The site makes no mention of how long they will take to respond to any problems and the FAQs, which only consists of 10 questions, is pretty much pointless.


Let’s get this out the way right now – for SkinUP to become one of the premier operators they NEED to sort out their customer service ASAP! The lack of e-sports and mobile app also counts against them. To their credit, the site is easy to use, deposits are quick and they do offer a variety, albeit a small one, of games to play.

So while the site is not perfect and lags behind the leaders in this sector, it is worth spending a bit of time as you may find it suits you playing needs. So while it might not make it to your Favourite tab, it should still be bookmarked.