Online Skin Gambling


Online Skin Gambling

History of Online Gambling with Skins

The history of online skin gambling can be traced back to August 2013, when CS:GO skin betting first surfaced. It was a direct result of Valve’s introduction of tradable skins system to CS:GO. Pre-existing gambling sites followed the trend and soon made their way into this industry. The growth graph thereafter is not very impressive until the spring of 2014, when the industry really started to gain traction.

Some other modifications and improvements popped around that time, but 2015 was the year that witnessed the large-scale introduction of skin gambling products like roulette, jackpot, and blackjack. This development in online skin gambling offerings resulted in higher revenue generation through a wide array of services. This increase in revenue directed larger amount of funds towards marketing and user generation which led to popular sports personalities promoting such websites on their blogs and videos. These marketing exercises created a significant spike in consumer use and a subsequent spike in the number of skin gambling sites and the variety of products being offered. There are Sites like CSGO Bounty, CSGO Fast that are similar to legal online casinos like Sugarhouse Online Casino, however they have almost no regulations, consumer protections, and generally have significantly less games available to play.

What are Skins?

Skins are virtual items that can be used in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). The term ‘skin’ is used because of the typical function of these skins, which is to change/improve the visual appearance of virtual items in the game. The skins can be used to change player’s in-game avatar, weapons look, or equipment. These skins do not improve the effectiveness or impact of the items; instead, they are used to change its appearance. For example, if someone uses a unique skin to change the appearance of a shield, then it does not change the protective ability of the shield or its functionality.

How are these Skins Acquired by the players?

The players can acquire these skins in multiple ways, some of them are……

  1. Winning them during gameplay
  2. Winning them as a promotional giveaway
  3. By getting involved in trading with other players
  4. Purchasing skins on variety of marketplaces

How to Place Bets using these Gaming Skins?

The practical application of a skin is to improve the physical appearance of the virtual items in the game. The skins are bought using real money which makes it easier for them to replace money in the gambling channel. The player can submit, transfer their skins to the gambling portal and start placing bets using their skins or some sort of internal currency given by the gambling portal. The skins work as the de facto currency that can power basically any type of gambling product.

The players can gamble using their deposited skins, which act like the currency inflow. If they win, they are paid in additional skins, which they “cash out” by requesting that the skin betting site

Legal Online Gambling? Do CS:GO Skins Count?

You can play legal online casino games in US by accessing one of the few online casino websites in New Jersey and play with real money. As of today, none of these websites allow players to “bet” with Skins or other console gaming items. The legal online casino websites also operate under area restrictions, allowing people only from a specific area(s) to play on their platform. People in New Jersey are only ones allowed to take part in online gambling activities, allowing people in New Jersey to gamble on these online betting websites. These websites offer a wide array of gambling games under their banner, games such as slots, video poker, poker, roulette, bingo and other games for cash.

You must be 21 to play at NJ online casinos however for Skins Gambling, there don’t seem to be true age restrictions making it no where near as safe as the legal, regulated online casinos in the US. Even with all of these major drawbacks, people all over the world all flocking to skins gambling like CSGO Case Opening Sites. These sites are growing at a very rapid pace, and it seems likely that they could be banned or become completely regulated, country by country, in the near future.